On February 21st, the INTAMT Academy in Düsseldorf hosted the 5th and final Transnational Meeting of the DR FLEMP Project partnership. Our foreign colleagues from Lithuania and Cyprus came to discuss the project outcomes and to address the pending tasks that need to be completed before the outputs are published. The partners from SPRACHiNVEST Language School also participated in the event. Together with our colleagues from the Cyprus University of Technology and Utena University of Applied Sciences, they were responsible for the methodology of the project and FLE-related tasks throughout the project implementation.

Umea University provided their developers, who became the leading force within the project in terms of the digital implementation of the concepts developed by the Research & Didactics Group. INTAMT, as the coordinating partner and co-leading institution for Application development, has worked very hard to keep the project on the right track.

At the meeting, we reviewed the current build of the DR FLEMP App and discussed options for its upgrade to meet the highest standards of FL training in the medical profession.

A significant component of the DR FLEMP Project will be the Training Course. It’s designed to combine theory and practice in order to provide teachers, developers, and all others interested in exploring the world of MR-based language training. The Course will be available in April 2024 on one of the popular interactive learning platforms.