This document presents a comprehensive overview of the general guidelines and best practices that have been formulated for the development of effective Mixed Reality (MR) based learning applications. The primary focus is on developing a state-of-the-art methodology and recommendations (M&R) to cater specifically to Foreign Language Education in healthcare professions, ensuring the successful development of MR applications in this context. The document is broken down into two main blocks: initially we identify and select educational content suitable for conversion into MR format for Foreign Language Education (FLE) in healthcare. This task is undertaken through different tasks that include the definition of the vision of the DR FLEMP MR application, the development of user stories, the alignment of the curricula of all partners in the area of healthcare and the implementation of design thinking workshops in all partner countries.  The second component involves the development of a methodology that is based on existing design-based approaches and involves adaptation of existing design and development frameworks and allows for productive collaboration for stakeholders with different backgrounds and expertise. This document is a shorter version of the report “PR1: DR FLEMP Guidelines: Methodology and Recommendations on development of Mixed Reality applications for foreign language education for nursing in caretaking”. For the full report follow the link here.