As part of the DR FLEMP project’s mission to support digital transformation in Foreign Language Education (FLE) within the EU, several design thinking workshops were conducted by project partners. These workshops aimed to develop an effective and engaging MR application for language learning in medical contexts.

Lithuania Workshop (June 2022) The workshop held in UTENOS KOLEGIJA focused on creating a storyboard and prototype for an MR application. Participants included language instructors, medical instructors, and professionals. Using the framework developed by Design Thinking Explorations, the workshop followed an established methodology that adopted the principles of design thinking adapted from Google Design Sprint. Throughout the workshop, participants collaborated to design an immersive VR application for medical language learning.

Sweden Workshop (June 2022) In UMEA, Sweden, another design thinking workshop was organized, bringing together researchers, language instructors, and designers. The objective remained the same: to develop a storyboard and prototype for an effective MR application. By leveraging the Design Thinking Explorations framework, participants explored creative solutions and tested their ideas. The workshop followed a methodology inspired by Google Design Sprint, ensuring a systematic and user-centered approach.

Cyprus Workshop (September 2022) The design thinking workshop in Cyprus University of Technology gathered language instructors, facilitators, and a medical instructor. The participants worked collaboratively to design a storyboard and prototype for an MR application tailored to medical language learning. Following the Design Thinking Explorations framework, the workshop incorporated oral activities conducted in Greek and written activities in English. This multilingual approach enhanced the inclusivity and engagement of the participants.

Germany Workshop (July 2022) The workshop in Germany brought together representatives from SPRACHiNVEST GmbH, language instructors, German learners, and healthcare institution representatives. The goal was to develop a compelling storyboard and prototype for an MR application focusing on medical language learning. Like the previous workshops, it followed the Design Thinking Explorations framework, allowing for a structured and collaborative design process.

These design thinking workshops have played a crucial role in the development of the DR FLEMP project. By harnessing the principles of design thinking and incorporating the expertise of language instructors, medical professionals, and researchers, the workshops have paved the way for the creation of an innovative MR application. The prototypes developed during these workshops will undergo user testing and evaluation, ensuring that the final product meets the needs and expectations of language learners in the medical field.