The picturesque town of Utena, Lithuania played host to the fourth transnational meeting on the DR FLEMP project, convened on September 19th and 20th. Such transnational meetings have been pivotal in ensuring that all partners stay aligned and that the project moves forward effectively. This specific meeting, in particular, represented a significant juncture in the project’s timeline.

The session began with warm greetings and a comprehensive overview of the project, highlighting where we currently stand, particularly in relation to scenario development and digital prototyping. Detailed discussions centered around PR1 Research outcomes, with partners from Cyprus and Germany delivering a stellar presentation on methodology and recommendations.

Post the insightful deliberations around PR1, attention was turned to the fascinating realm of Virtual Reality (VR). The technical team laid out the concept of a demonstration tool, aimed at showcasing the myriad possibilities of VR to educators. Feedback received from partners was invaluable, ensuring that the next version of the application will be even more robust and user-centric.

Further, PR3 was also put under the spotlight, revolving around VR-supported modules for foreign language learning. The team discussed in-depth about the preparation of two VR scenarios, held a didactic conversation about their educational value, and plotted a course for their imminent completion.

On the second day, the conversation veered towards the structure of the impending course, delineating its values, objectives, and comprehensive content. The day also encompassed a Design Thinking Workshop, shedding light on the DR FLEMP Training Course structure, its didactic purposes, key elements, and relevant tasks and deadlines.

The immediate future holds more such engaging events. The 5th TPM is slated for November, followed by a Teachers Training session in December 2023. The Final TPM is expected to occur in February 2024.